Quicken Mobile/Web not updating Investment Information

Dave Brandman
Dave Brandman Member ✭✭
Neither Quicken Mobile nor Web seem to update the stock/fund shares at all. Hadn't really noticed as the differences at first were small as various stocks/funds reinvested dividends. But the other day, when Alphabet (GOOGL) split 50:1, it became very obvious. These values were updated in Quicken Deluxe for Windows and they display correctly there. Every time I exit Quicken Windows, I do a Mobile sync and other transactions sync correctly, My brokerage accounts are among the accounts I do sync to Mobile, and I am getting no errors during the sync process, nor when I invoke Quicken Mobile or goto Quicken on the Web. But my GOOGL shares still display at 50 shares, not 1,000. Similar, though smaller discrepancies show up for my Mutual Fund shares where I reinvest distributions,


  • Marty McGuire
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    Having similar problem in that neither Quicken web or mobile is not showing balances for some of my accounts. Accounts show "this account has no holdings". Seems in each case it is an account with only one mutual fund in the account. Also, problem with mobile and web showing just cash balance for account and not showing holdings balance. What's up?
  • BryonM
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    I too noticed this. I followed the instructions to delete and upload data to start fresh. That made it much worse. Now no holdings show up at all. It also now causes the sync to fail with various errors. Those error codes include an HTTP-500 error, a generic Import Transactions failed, internal sync error (both of these tell me to try later). Today running the sync I got a "Failed to create dump file: "(error 183)

    I have removed all of my investment accounts from the mobile account list and it removed them and sync still fails. I have again deleted the data and it still fails.

    I am completely abandoning the use of the Mobile app at this point.
  • Lisamar
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    Same issue for me
  • Tman
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    Let me add my two cents to this as well. Quicken on the web doesn't like stocks whose symbols start with an A. this may be the case also in Mobile app but I can't see it as every time I try to access the investments I get a white screen. Also, in some cases like @Dave Brandman says, some accounts show no holdings at all. This problem is also true in the mobile app. I think there is something going on with Quicken servers that is causing this. I think this by natural troubleshooting. The desktop is fine but the qdata set the mobile app and the website is using is where the loss happens. Either the qdata set is not getting created properly or there is an access issue with the Quicken servers. That's why resetting the date set doesn't work. The Quicken servers are the issue IMHO. I've raised it in this thread https://community.quicken.com/discussion/comment/20276280#Comment_20276280. I'm told it was escalated so we need to keep bringing it up.
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