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How do I delete a bad checking account register?

RonC Member ✭✭
I have 2 checking accounts listed. The original setup account is named "Bank Platinum Acct" and has entries from 2004. The other account name is "Bank Premier XX7237 and listed as (Express Web Connect)". The original Bank Platinum Acct is reconciled monthly and correct with entries dating back to 2004. The other Bank Premier XX237 (Express Web Connect) is incorrect and contains only a few entries starting in March 2022. Oddly, the "XX237" matches the last three numbers of the checking account number.
Can I cleanly delete the bad account register?

I'm not sure how the Express Web Connect account register got there into my Quicken.


  • @ronc - go to Account Details by right clicking on the account name.  Click on "Delete Account" at the bottom left of the settings window and it should take you through steps to delete the account.
  • Sherlock
    Sherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    To delete an account register, opening the register, pressing Ctrl + Shift + E, select Delete Account, enter yes, and select OK.

    Before making any significant changes to a Quicken file, always save a backup: press Ctrl + B
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