Is it possible to suppress the currency abbreviation in reports

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Is it possible to suppress the 'USD x{A0}' preceding the numeric amount in reports? IN this case, x{A0} is the hex code for a non-breaking space.

I have some foreign currency accounts in a Quicken Mac file but I am not including them in my report. The report embeds USD followed by a space (actually x{A0} a non-breaking space) in the formatted Amount column. When I export as a csv file Excel is not happy with the USD and non-breaking space, i.e. it doesn't see them as numbers. I'm in the habit of using BBEdit to modify Quicken output but the introduction of the non-breaking space adds extra work when I go to delete all the 'USD x{A0}'.

I just want numbers in my report in the Amount field. Can this be done somehow?


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    No, there is no formatting of amounts in reports. Perhaps this should be turned into an Idea request? I've seen a similar complaint from a Canadian user recently. Only people who use multiple currencies will run into this problem, which is likely why it doesn't come up on this forum too often. 
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    As a possible workaround ... can you change the "USD " currency symbol to "$" without a trailing space? Would that help?
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    I can't find any setting that allows me to change the currency designator.
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