HELOC account shows up as a bank account, not as a loan once I import transactions

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I set up a new account as a HELOC. HELOC account shows up as a bank account, not as a loan once I import transactions. Shouldn't it look at a HELOC as a Debt?


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    A HELOC is normally set up in Q as if it were a credit card type account.  This is because, unlike a traditional loan, you can take additional draws against the amount allowed.
    What you can do is TOOLS, Account List, click EDIT adjacent to the account name and click Display Options.  You can change the Intent to Liability there.
    Also, in the HELOC account in Q, what color is the Balance column?  It should be Red, indicating that you owe money.

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    Balance column is not red, hence the issue I am having. THX!
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    @augiesc - A HELOC should be set up as a credit card in Quicken and have the account type "Credit".  You can verify this by going onto the "General" tab in Account Details.

    If the account type is not "Credit", then I would re-setup the account again using the HELOC option - 

    After the account is setup, you can then establish online services again using the appropriate connection method.
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