Gap Card - Barclays Bank Not downloading.

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I started having a problem with Gap Card Transactions after Gap moved from Comenity to Barclays. Quicken seems to connect, however, no transactions are imported. I also tried doing a export from Barclays to a QFX file and that also does not have any transactions.
I did the same download to an Excel file and do get transactions in Excel.

I called Barclays and customer service was not helpful. They said that I could do a download (which is not working), but that they do not directly interface to Quicken. I'm not sure if they really understod what I was explaininmg

My environment is as follows: Windows 10 - Quicken Premier Version R42.8 Build:


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    Please do TOOLS, Account List and tell use what is shown as the Financial Institution for your GAP card.  Because, when I began the process of adding a GAP card, it came up as "Gap Credit Card (Now Barclays)"

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    I had "Barclays Bank Deleware" in the financial Instution. I just changed it to "Gap Credit Card (Now Barclays)", but I do not have any Transactions to Download as I had already entered and cleared them manually. I'll try again when I have Gap Transactions to Download.
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