Wells Fargo - Cannot Cancel a Repeating Online Payment

I can establish the repeating online payment from within Quicken and it works fine. But since Wells Fargo won't allow an adjustment to the amount once the repeating online payment is established, the only option is to cancel it and recreate the payment with the new $ amount. A pain for sure but ought to be easy enough.

The problem occurs when I cancel the repeating online payment within Quicken. I send the update to Wells Fargo and sure enough, it disappears from my list of Repeating Online Payments. I then go in and cancel the next payment that is scheduled and sure enough, it gets deleted in the register when I update with Wells Fargo. However, as part of the update, it downloads the next month's payment and places it in the register. When I cancel that payment and update again, it cancels that one and the next later month's payment is downloaded and placed in the register. I can't make it stop downloading future payments.

My only choice is to call the people at Wells Fargo and get them to manually cancel that repeating payment. This has happened every time my mortgage payment has changed due to escrow changes. Why can't Quicken and Wells Fargo figure out how to cancel a repeating online payment?


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    I suspect you are canceling the next payment instead of deleting the repeating online payment.  If you haven't already, you may want to review: https://www.quicken.com/support/how-delete-repeating-online-payment
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    I had already gone through the process described here: https://www.quicken.com/support/how-delete-repeating-online-payment and it went away when I did the One Step Update. It did not clear the next online payment scheduled in my register so I canceled that manually. That is when the never-ending issues began.

    It appears to me that the communication between Quicken and Wells Fargo is flawed in that Wells Fargo never gets the repeating payment canceled even though it gone within Quicken's list of Repeating Online Payments.
  • @obenourb - have you seen these Quicken Support articles, if not, they might be of help with your situation - 



    Otherwise, have you called Wells Fargo?  Their online banking helpline is available 24/7.
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    Yes - I had seen those. I couldn't edit the amount as it wasn't allowed so the only choice was to delete the repeating online payment and create a new one. I created a new one just fine but the Quicken to Wells Fargo protocol for deleting a repeating online payment simply does not work.

    I have had this issue in the past and apparently neither side sees fit to explore the issue and figure out why it fails. Any ideas how to get this really looked at and fixed by Quicken/Wells Fargo.

    And yes, I have spoken to Wells Fargo support. And of course, they say it isn't Wells Fargo, Quicken says it isn't Quicken.
  • I think the issue is that Wells Fargo doesn't allow you to change a repeating payment once it's set up.  Is there a way for you to set up a payment that is not repeating?  I would think that would work better for you because it seems like you need to change the payment amount frequently.  Repeating payments work best for payments that don't change.
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    The payment is to a mortgage company and it changes annually (typically) as the escrow account is recalculated and this impacts the payment due. I think an annual change is appropriate for a repeating payment.

    So the open question is - How do I get Quicken bug fixers to pick this issue up for resolution? I'd be happy to demonstrate the problem to them.
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