IRS Mileage Increase in the middle of the Year

IRS Mileage increase in July from 58.5 to 62.5. How will quicken resolve this in the programing?


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    Where does it say 62.5?   This hasn't been updated
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    > @volvogirl said:
    > Where does it say 62.5?   This hasn't been updated
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    It's not unusual for Q to be less than prompt in updating this table.
    BUT, TAXRATE.TXT is easily editable by you with the update if you so choose.
    Do a Win search for it, and note that it may be a Hidden file.
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    Mileage rates used by Mileage Tracker in Quicken H&B

    The Mileage rates are stored in a datafile.  If you can't wait for Quicken to issue a software update with the latest numbers and if you know the numbers for the new year you can edit the file Milerate.txt using Notepad (while Quicken is closed)

    The actual location of the Milerate.txt file varies by Quicken version.

    Older versions: C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Quicken\Inet\Common\Localweb\Biz.

    Current version: C:\ProgramData\Quicken\Inet\Common\Localweb\Biz.

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