Old version of Quicken for Mac handy chart GONE...

Adele Dreyer
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IS there a chance the code architects can restore the PIE CHART from previous Quicken Mac. It was great for us investors.
• Each slice of pie was an investment allocation.
• Each allocation, with a click, identified holdings in that category, WITH percentages.

I miss that pie chart... I'm an active investor.


  • jacobs
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    I'm not sure what specific pie chart you're looking for, because the Dashboard contains pie charts which seem to meet your request. Click on a single account in the left sidebar, a group heading (Brokerage, Retirement), or Investing for all investment accounts; then click on the Dashboard tab.

    The Asset Allocation card shows the allocation of the selected account or accounts by percentage of the different asset classes:

    Click on any of the asset wedges, and it will change to show a pie chart with the makeup of that class by individual securities. That is, if you click on Large Cap Stock, it will then show all the securities which comprise the Large Cap Stock total, and their percentage of the total of Large Cap; hover over any security and it will also show the dollar amount of the security which is classified as Large Cap. 

    The Allocation by Security card shows all the securities in the account or accounts

    Don't these address what you're looking for? If not, please post back and explain what you're seeking which the current Dashboard charts don't provide. 

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  • Adele Dreyer
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    In the former iteration of Q for Mac, investors could "design" a pie chart and charge to that form of security. My categories would be: CASH; REITs; ENERGY; BDC's; Growth; etc. In this "front" pie chart I could see what % of cash, Reits... was allocated. Then, I could further, click a wedge and see the % of each holding. Like in Reits: would be: AGNC, NLY, NRZ, etc. I MISS THAT USEFUL TOOL!
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