How to show realized gain/loss in transaction when asset sold that can be shown in Budgets (Q Mac)

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Right now Budgets has Realized gain/loss as a transaction item but does not appear in Budgets. It does appear in the Account/Portfolio under Realized Gain/Loss YTD. How do we make Realized Gain/Loss YTD available in Budgets? It doesn't make sense that Realized gain/loss doesn't appear so if this is a bug please fix. If easier, please make the YTD item available to Budgets.


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    This is definitely a bug which has been discussed and reported before. There are actually two bugs, I believe: (1) the gain from the sale of a security does not show up in the budget (under Long-Term Capital Gains, Short-Term Capital Gains, or Realized Gains/Losses); (2) Reinvested Long-Term Dividends show up as income in the budget, as one would expect, but Long-Term Dividends paid in cash do not show up as income in the budget.

    All we can do is file Help > Report a Problem reports, documenting exactly what is missing and how to reproduce it, and then hope that someone on the Quicken team will act on documenting these bugs or pushing them up the priority list. I have done so in the past, but to no avail. Perhaps if others file similar reports, it will get some attention.
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