I have two banking accounts that overstate the balance in report

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Two bank accounts pick up additional money and overstate the current balance in a report. Why?


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    Please state clearly what you're referring to by "report." 
    If you're referring to a report you're creating by clicking on the "Reports" drop-down menu at the top of the screen, or referring to a report that comes up when you click on the gear-wheel in a banking register and selecting in the "Reports" area, specify the name of that report.
    If you're referring to something you're looking at on-screen that shows up under the various tabs - Home, Spending, etc. - specify what "dashboard" or "card" (Quicken has used various terms here) indicates this error.
    That would give somebody something to work with in trying to answer your question.  A picture of the problem would also be a great help.
  • Hawkeye2500
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    The report was a list of accounts tailored to provide me with cash on hand. I could not find a solution, so call Quicken technical support this afternoon. It seems two account files have been corupted. I copied my file and reconciled entries through each year until the accounts were accurate. It appears when copying over to my current file, I drop one year and add the current year for tax purposes going back seven years. When doing that this year and using online updates, some duplicate entries were interjected into these accounts. All wer in 2020-2021, so finding the blue dots and deleting them remedied the over stated bottom line when producing the report. Time consuming with the technician trying different options, but worth it to have it resolved. I appreciate your interest.
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