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Alan Edelman
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Offered a Quicken renewal from Quicken at my Quicken account email. As you can see from the screen grab it says that renewal will be added to existing customer subscription at a discounted price. However clicking purchase gets one to a screen that says the usual exorbitant for what Quicken doesn't do $60/year renewal will be charged. One could create a new account to get the discount rate so why the bait and switch? In all the years I've owned Quicken it has never synced accurately with banking or Investment accounts, after about three syncs the totals never ever exactly match what the bank or brokerage posts--the bank data gets progressively more inaccurate with every sync. I correct the investment account errors but it has become pointless to wade through all the bank transactions just to find for the umpteenth time Quicken can't add and subtract--my check register has always been more accurate than Quicken's banking downloads. My "subscription" is about to expire so I will let it, since I won't even be able to access Quicken for the next few weeks, then see about creating a new account or find some app that can actually track numbers accurately.


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    Alan Edelman said: Offered a Quicken renewal from Quicken at my Quicken account email.
    Would have to see the rest of the offering - and email text -
    also - the "1" footnote on the Discount... what is the "1" footnote -
    Is it for "new" subscribers only ?

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    @Ps56k2 I don't think it's for new subscribers only ... since the ad explicitly references existing customers getting pro-rated time.

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  • TTSguy
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    I might suggest you do a Google search, to see if Costco, Staples, or even Amazon has discount prices on Quicken Deluxe in the up opened box( be SURE it doesn't say "For new users on the box though, and I'd stay away from anybody on ebay that has a download for sale!
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