How to rename "ZZZ-PayPal OLD"?

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Long story short: I have 2 paypal accounts. One of them I had to reauthorize (correctly shows as "PayPal), and the other one stopped working with no option to reauthorize. After some esoteric browser settings, I finally got that one downloading too, but it says it is at "ZZZ-PayPal OLD". So, how do I make the second one point at just plain old "Paypal"? How can I get rid of "ZZZ-PayPal Old" (it is confusing because I have a few accounts in quicken that I closed/hid/renamed years ago using a similar naming convention (e.g. Z_USBank-OLD).


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    I suggest you try doing the following:
    1. Back up your data file.
    2. Make note of the amount of the Opening Balance transaction in the ZZZ-Paypal account.
    3. Account Register (of the ZZZ-Paypal account) > upper right Gear icon > Edit Account Details > Online Services tab > Deactivate > General tab > remove all Financial Institution Information (everything above the Contact Name field).
    4. Online Services tab > Set Up Now > select "Paypal" > Next > follow the prompts > when prompted be sure to link the downloaded data to the account you already have set up in Quicken.
    5. If duplicate transactions are entered into your register they will need to be manually deleted.
    6. Check the Opening Balance transaction amount.  If it does not match what you wrote down earlier, change it to what you wrote down earlier.
    Your account should now be connected with the correct Paypal link.

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