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"Mobile" transactions contain no further info

Tdunlop Member
Hi, I have 107 transactions since the beginning of the year that contain only the word "Mobile" in the payee column. Any way to get more than this or do I have to compare 1 transaction at a time to my citibank statement to figure them out? You guys have to get better QFXs going with Citibank.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @Tdunlop In your post, you refer to "you guys" referring to the folks at Quicken, and I wanted to let you know this community forum site is not reaching Quicken management or the programming team; this site is mostly fellow users trying to help each other out, with some help from handful of Quicken moderators.

    In order to get an issue like you've described on the radar, you would be better calling Quicken Support and having them screen share to see what you're seeing and, hopefully, document the issue to escalate it for action.
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