Why is the action limited to "don't connect to quicken"

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When I try to set-up my American express account to down load transactions the action displayed is "don't connect to quicken" and it is not enabled to change it to " link to existing account". Windows 10, quicken ver R42.21 build


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    actualy the message is "Don't add to quicken"
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    Hi @aacichon,

    That message usually appears when the account you are attempting to set-up for downloading is already setup. 

    Are you sure that the account isn't already setup and connected?  I suggest that you go to "Tools" > "Account List" and then click on the "Show hidden accounts" box in the bottom left-hand corner of the window.  Then page through the list to see if it is already enabled for "Transaction Download". 

    You may not have noticed that certain users have reported an issue where newly setup accounts are being marked as "hidden" by the application - see this LINK for more details.

    Let me know how things go.


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    @aachen9596 - If the account is hidden there will be a box checked for that in Account List.  If it is checked, uncheck it and the account will no longer be hidden.
    There are several different American Express financial institutions to select from in Add Accounts or Set Up Now.  Instead of clicking on the Blue "American Express" button, type in "American Express" in the line above it.  This will bring up all the different setup link options.  Make sure you select the correct one. 
    If it is the "American Express" link that you want, it will automatically try to connect to Express Web Connect (EWC) by default.  American Express offers a better connection method called Direct Connect (DC).  To get set up with DC, once you have selected American Express click on "Advanced Options" instead of on "Next".  Then select "Direct Connect" and follow the prompts to complete the setup process.
    Also, this error can occur if your account is already set up in Quicken and the Financial Institution information is already entered for it on the General Tab of Account Details.  If this information is already listed in the General Tab, remove all of that information (as shown inside the red box) and then try connecting, again.
    If you still cannot set up the connection, it is possible that your inability to do so might be related to an Alert that was posted yesterday:  NEW! 8/1/22 American Express OL-294-A or FDP-105/HTTP-503 (Mac).

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R54.16 on Windows 11)

  • aacichon
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    At one time the account was set-up and downloading OK. Some time after July 2nd is when this particular account stopped downloading;
  • aacichon
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    but the other Amex account continued to download fine until today when I installed the last quicken update;
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