Charged twice for Windows Online Subscription

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Hi, I was charged twice on August 1 (1st charge - $127.37 for "Quicken Inc," 2nd charge - $114.62 for "Quicken Inc."). I called support (650-250-1900) and was told that only one charge was associated with my email account which was funded, and that for the second charge it was up to me to contact my bank to dispute the charge. This is very frustrating.
Seems like a lot of work for what would be a simple refund opportunity for Quicken. Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you! Bryan


  • UKR
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    Do you have more than one subscription, i.e., more than one Quicken ID?
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    Were both charges posted, or is one or both a pending charge? (If you were charged on August 1, it is likely still pending as of today.) 
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