ROTH IRA withdrawals not treated correctly, balances not omitted from RMD.

During the market downturn, I converted one of my IRAs to IRA ROTH, paying taxes on the higher annual income. Twice. The Planner does not treat ROTH withdrawals as tax-free.

1. The Planner shows no projected decrease in the RMD amounts for the future years.

2. The Investment portion of the planner needs to differentiate between income tax-deferred accounts (IRA and ROTH IRA) and non-taxable ROTH withdrawals after age 55.

I updated the Tax Schedule for withdrawals in each account hoping that would flag taxable (IRA RMDs) and non-taxable withdrawals (ROTH-IRA). But Tax-deferred remains the same along with high RMDs. Any suggestions would be welcome.


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    @Morrislesl It sound like you're using Quicken Windows — is that correct? Your question was posted in a Quicken Mac category; if you confirm, we can have a moderator move it to the appropriate category for Quicken Windows, where the Windows experts will see it and can offer suggestions. 
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    Oops. You are correct. Please move it!
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    Which Planner are you referring to, the Lifetime Planner or the Tax Planner?

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