Account added from bank with wrong type

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When I tried to add a loan account from my bank, the only choice for account type by quicken at the time it was added was 'Credit Card". Now that the account has been added is there anyway to change the account type from "credit card" to "Loan" so I can associate it with a property?


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    Just talked to Quicken support, their answer: "Contact bank and ask them to change it on their side". [Removed - Unhelpful/Sarcasm]
  • Tom Young
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    Is this some sort of line of credit loan where you can borrow/repay more or less at will?  If that's the case then have it showing up as a credit card would make sense because that's exactly how a credit card works.
    If this is a regular amortizing mortgage then I wouldn't even bother setting the loan up as a downloading loan in the first place.  All that goes on with such a loan - principal payments, interest expense, maybe escrow amounts - is better handled by setting that loan up as a non-downloading loan using Quicken's loan wizard.
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