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I have a report for transactions in a category. The default is time is set as Year to Date. In the past, I simply changed the date range and got a new updated report. For example, I change it to Last Year to produce the same report for last year. It took me four tries to finally get a report for last year as it did not refresh and I had to start over with new report. However, I discovered I had a new credit card account that was not included in the report. When I tried to customize last year's report by adding in the credit card account, everything reset to the defaults and I was back to square one. In summary, the customization that I used to do in matter of seconds to producer the report I want does not work anymore. What is going on with Quicken reports? I used to brag about how great it was for customizing to what you need. Now, I think it is worse than useless. It leads to big mistakes by leading you to believe you have it customized and it is not. Missing transactions, wrong dates, etc.


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    Can you expand on "everything reset to the defaults and I was back to square one"? We would need more detail in  order to try to replicate the problem.

    There is a relatively new setting when you save a report that tells Quicken what to do when there are new accounts or categories. Perhaps that is causing the issue you are seeing in the older saved report. I suggest you make a copy of your data file, then in the copy, re-create the report and save it with the setting you want. Then add an account and a test transaction that should appear in the report and see if it behaves the way you want. 
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    I have tried to create a new report of transactions from last year with the settings how I want them. I click create report and nothing happens. Steps - Select Reports & Graphs Center, Select Spending by Category, Click Customize, Set Date Range to Last Year, Categories tab - clear all, select Charity. Then, I click the Show Report button. Customize window goes away but nothing else happens.

    I can do the same steps except when I reach the Customize report window leave everything on the defaults. If I do this, and click the Show Report button, I get a report for all categories for the year to date. I can customize this report to show only the Charity category to get a charity expenditure report for the year to date but I cannot customize it to produce a report for last year. That is, changing the date range to last year does not change the report.

    From my earlier post, if I used the saved report, I can get it to produce a report for last year year but it excludes my new credit card account from the report. I tried customizing it to include the new cc account but it defaults back to a year to date report without the cc account included. Reading other posts, it sounds like using saved reports after several Quicken updates may be the problem there but as of now creating a new report from scratch does not get me what I want either.
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