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It seems that after the last update all my historical investment performance data represented in the portfolio tab is way off. The data is grossly misrepresenting my balances over time. My current balance and holdings seem to be okay; however, I've lost all accurate historical data. For example, through this year the balances are at least 3x my actual balances. Is any one else having this issue?


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    I'm confused. You say the balance and holdings all appear to be okay. So in the table at the bottom of the Portfolio screen, the Market Value total appears to be correct. And in the chart in the upper portion of the screen, if you hover your cursor all the way to the right of the graph, does it not show the most recent day and the same market value total?

    If the end result is correct but you're seeing oddities earlier in the year, my first suspicion would be some incorrect price values for a security which was corrected over time. Did you hold a stock which did a recent split, like Google or Amazon? If you drill down to the price history of those stocks, you might find some dates which have the new pricing prior to the date of the stock split, which can make your history look bonkers.
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