R42.21 - can no longer import security prices from a CSV file multiple symbols for multiple days.

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Help. Quicken updated to latest version Quicken Premier Version R42.21 Build After the upgrade yesterday, I can no longer import security prices from a csv file. I get an error that says No valid prices found to import. Click ok or help, both of which are useless. This worked last weekend and all was good. I've been importing prices for crypto from a flat asc file for a long time since there is no support for crypto pricing updates. So, this is some new problem that has started with this build. Has anyone else encountered this problem? What is the solution. Support for crypto by Quicken is terrible. In the meantime, import is the only option, now that appears to be broken. Not looking forward to manually adding prices to the security individuals at all. Yuck!


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    What is the layout of the file you are trying to import? If you attach a copy of the file, we may be able to help.

    I am running QWin R42.21 and I tried a simple import of a file in the format Symbol,Price,Date and it worked for me.
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    I importing unsupported symbols with a version that worked for many years.

    The file had multiple symbols (in this case crypto) across multiple days (usually a weeks worth).

    This broke yesterday after the upgrade to Quicken Premier Version R42.21 Build When I tried the file I used for a long time. As usual had multiple symbols and multiple dates and is setup like this:

    Symbol, Price, Date
    ... etc ...

    So, I decided to try one symbol for one day. That works.

    Then I decided to try one symbol across multiple days. That works.

    Symbol, Price, Date
    ... etc ...

    What NO LONGER works (QUICKEN IF YOU'RE LISTENING AND I HOPE YOU ARE) is multiple symbols for multiple days.

    So, I have a solution, more steps than before, but, at least not one at a time manually.

    It's disappointing that there is no support for crypto pricing. And now it looks like no support for multip symbol import.

    Thanks Quicken :(
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