Issues with Vanguard and Quicken Connect

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So, what is going on with Quicken Connect and Vanguard? Yes, I see several other threads, but not in one did I find where Quicken provides an answer to the issue.

We need answers, please. Do you want us to switch to Direct Connect? Will that result in data loss?

My Vanguard account is nearly 30 years old. It has gone through several changes, and my account in Quicken includes downloaded data and manual entries. I cannot simply reset and switch to Direct Connect because that will, I believe, result in lost data.

How should this be handled?


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    tim.rohrer1 I may not understand your problem but since I download my multiple Vanguard accounts every day I'll respond. I'm not sure that switching from Quicken Connect to Direct Connect will result in any data loss. Are you sure of this? I have used Direct Connect for years with Quicken for Mac without seeing problems that I traced back to Direct Connect (nothing is perfect, but the number of problems I've had is small). You can backup your data and try switching to Direct Connect. If this results in problems then restore your data from your backup. At least this will allow you to see what will happen. Hope this is helpful.
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    Yeah, I know I could do a bunch of trial and error, and reinstall data from backups.

    But I'd rather not have to mess around with that when it seems the people we're paying to develop and maintain this platform ought to be able to tell us, no?
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    @tim.rohrer1 You may want to contact Quicken Support if you want more definitive answers about Quicken and Vanguard. (Although I'm not sure that even the Support representatives always know the status of connectivity issues — but they may have a better chance of giving you the answers you're looking for.) On this site, it's mostly fellow users helping each other, along with a handful of Quicken moderators who can sometimes point to a known alert about a particular financial institution or suggest a series of troubleshooting steps.
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