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I believe a recent update to Quicken has caused this issue, but I have an issue with the drop down list being "all-blue". Normally, the selected line is blue as you hover over it with your mouse after typing in a few letters. But right now, my Auto Fill list is all blue so I can't see which one I want to select. I have picture of this, but I don't see a way to upload it. Can anyone assist?


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    Hi @BooneDaisy,

    I am not sure that you've accumulated enough points yet, but try dragging and dropping the "picture" file into a new comment window.


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  • KD123
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    Hi @BooneDaisy How did you fix your issue ?
  • BooneDaisy
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    After calling support and being told I was crazy, I made a "special" backup and stored it on my desktop. I then uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled the software. That corrected the issue, but it created some other minor nuisances similar to the one I started with. I am not sure about the "points" thing as this is my first time looking for answers on this site. What was really frustrating was not being able to properly describe the issue, even with the picture I sent to support.
  • BooneDaisy
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    Thanks KD. That worked. Here is the image.
  • BooneDaisy
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    Sorry, Frankx made that suggestion. Maybe this will help someone else.
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