Should I remove and re-add account?

wolfwoman Member ✭✭
My Amazon Prime account via Synchrony Bank has not updated properly, so I decided to reconcile using a paper statement. Quicken is rejecting the ending balance and I can't get past that screen. Reconciling with downloaded transactions doesn't work because it isn't downloading everything! Is my only option now to delete the account and add it again?


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    What do you mean by "Quicken is rejecting the ending balance"? 
    I just went into my Amazon Prime Account, told Quicken I wanted to reconcile using today's date, and entered an entirely made-up number as the ending balance and Quicken was fine with that and brought up the reconcile screen.
    When you type in the ending balance on the "Reconcile Online Account [Account Name]" screen, what does Quicken do to reject it?
  • wolfwoman
    wolfwoman Member ✭✭
    You won't believe this, because it's like the noise in your car that the mechanic can't hear because it never does it when you take it to the shop ... But I just closed Quicken and re-opened it, and it worked fine. I already did that several times, but I guess this last time was the magic number! Thanks for replying, anyway.
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