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How can I share a .qdf data file using the Quicken website? I want to transfer an account file to my son, who now has his own computer and his own Quicken software for PC. The .qdf file is too large to send as an email attachment, which makes me think it is trying to include program files instead of the smaller data file. What am I doing wrong?


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    You are not doing anything wrong.  The QDF file is a comprehensive data file and there is no way to break it into pieces to my knowledge.
    The question is what do plan to accomplish by sharing the file?  I can think of two methods to share the file/data:
    - Use a cloud service such as dropbox to share the file. (ADDING: The purpose here is to simply "send" the file.  Not to use dropbox as the main location of the data as that will not work.  Quicken data file must reside on a local drive)
    - Share the login/password for that particular account so that he can add that same specific account to his Quicken data file.
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    If you and your son are going to use copies of the same file independently, you are in for trouble with the Quicken Cloud Account (QCA) trying to causes changes in both files.
    You need to make a copy of your data file using:
    File->Backup or Copy File->create a copy or template
    After creating the copy, delete your stuff from the file since your son won't need it and then send it to him via the methods suggested by @BK.
    You need to make the copy this way to break the connection to the existing QCA and cause it to have its own separate QCA.
    Yes, your son will need to re-establish the download connections for his accounts if he wishes to download, but I can't stress enough the importance of doing the copy this way.
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    Does the data file include both his and your accounts?  Or do you have his accounts in a separate data file?  If you have all the accounts in the same file then he will also get your accounts.  

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    there are lots of moving parts here -  
    Do you just want to share his account info, as you don't need to copy the entire file for that,
    and can use the EXPORT of the Account to the QIF format, and share that file.
    As mentioned by @splasher ,
    there are some concerns when just making a simple "copy"
    as there are some Quicken internal settings,
    and Quicken will not be able to tell the two "copies" apart from each other.... hence the COPY feature .

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