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Setting a holding as a DRIP?

leisurehound Member
edited September 2022 in Registers & Transactions (Mac)
Am just getting started with quicken and adding accounts manually as the automated connection simply fails with no error other than 'cannot connect.' I have several holdings that are DRIP holdings that I've entered manually for the purchases, but there are literally hundreds of dividend reinvestments between purchase and today. Shouldn't Quickly know these dividend dates and automatically add these transactions like Morningstar's portfolio manager? Do they all need to be added manually? Thats prolly a non starter for using Quicken for my needs.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    What is/are the financial institution(s) which you've been unable to connect to? Recording the dividend reinvestments automatically is what requires a connection to your financial institution. You might also look to see if your brokerage offers a way to download transaction history in Quicken or QFX format; if you can download such a file and then import it into Quicken, that might get you up-to-date quickly. Another alternative, if it proves impossible to get your historical transactions into Quicken, is to get your current cost basis from the brokerage (or perhaps as of January 1), and just use that as your starting holding in Quicken, rather than going back to your original purchase and trying to record hundreds of dividend reinvestment transactions. 
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