Quicken for Mac crashes on startup

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Quicken for Mac keeps crashing on startup on Mac, I have restarted the computer and repaired permissions just in case, deleted the app and reinstalled it... nothing would do. Still it crashes on startup,

I need help please to get this fixed and... to restore my data which are accessible from the web version of Quicken.



  • jacobs
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    First, you should know that it's very questionable whether you'll be able to restore data from the Quicken cloud. It wasn't designed for this and has ben impossible in the past. Recently, there's been an experimental feature added to allow users to start a new desktop file from their Cloud data, but user reports here seem to have had more failures than successes.

    So working backwards, can you share a little more information about your Quicken data file? Why are you talking about starting from your Cloud data? Do you still have your desktop file? Do you have any backups of it? 

    And now back to the problem of Quicken crashing. Is there any message before or when it crashes? Does the Quicken menu bar get displayed, or dos it crash before that? Try launching the application by double-clicking it in the Applications folder while holding down the Shift key. Do you get the dialog asking if you want to open your previous data file, or does it crash before that? If you get the dialog, if you click Cancel instead of Open, does Quicken complete its startup?

    The next thing I'd try is launching Quicken in a different Mac user account, but I'll hold off on describing that process until hearing back from you.
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  • Hedi
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    Hi thanks for taking the time to help.

    First, I’m pretty sure I delete the file on my computer as I’ve deleted Quicken using an AppZapper that finds and deletes all files related to an app.

    I have only one user on my Mac and really need to run the app using that specific account. After deleting the app I am able to run it once, the second time, again same thing it does not start only the app name shows in the menu bar…
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