HBO Max & Amazon Prime (Q Mac)

I've had HBO Max synced with my login to download bills, and schedule transactions for about 2 years now.

About a month ago, I noticed that Quicken is asking for me to update my login. There has been no changes to my login credentials, yet Quicken is saying login failed. I have checked by going to HBO Max site and signing in...all is successful.

Are there updates with syncing to HBO Max? Thank you

Note: this is also happening with my Amazon Prime (all same scenarios mentioned above)


  • jacobs
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    I'm confused about HBO Max and Quicken; how were they synced? Doesn't your monthly charge for HBO Max appear on one of your credit cards (or bank debit cards, or direct debit from your checking account)? It's the credit card/debit card/bank account which downloads transactions to Quicken, not the service provider. Same for Amazon charges. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious?
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  • Robert Lynch
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    This is for the scheduled payments in bill payer. I do not use bill pay to pay the vendor, but use it to track future transactions that are known. It is not syncing and pulling them down any longer
  • Amazon Prime connection resolved.

    HBO Max, still will not connect. Are there known issues with connecting to HBO?

    I have been stuck at this screen for close to two months.
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