Follow up to Quicken Cloud / Quicken on Web Wrecked my Quicken File

I have successfully used Quicken since 1991 (yes, character based with a dial up modem). I am seriously considering abandoning a thirty year investment in Quicken.

Quicken cloud sync server has caused corruption in my QW instance starting in October, 2021, possibly with the set up of the new Bill Pay. I immediately turned off Quicken Cloud, but the corruption continues through August of 2022.

Quicken Support has not been able to return my local instance to a known good point, despite numerous conversations with them. Every step results in continued corruption.

I understand turning off Mobile and Web are supposed to stop cloud sync, however, it is clear from at least one account that metadata still exists in the cloud server causing corruption in that account.

Restoring from backup is not reliable because you must sign on to, thereby exposing your restored backup to cloud server corruption.

I would like to try a method described in this forum (search for Wrecked) which deletes the current Quicken Cloud instance, and creates a new one. I won't do this without guidance from Support, however I think this may be an unsanctioned method, since Support has never mentioned this.

I know there is a Quicken moderator here who might be able to comment. I worked in database support for a company three times the size of Quicken. I have been through the pain of bad releases. These problems start with poor development management which neglects adequate testing, and then does not prioritize providing Quicken Support with the tools needed to help customers recover.

A side note, Quicken has apparently removed a section of CEO Eric Dunn's bio where customers could contact him. Just as well, since a request submitted 27-JUL has gone unanswered. In my previous life, an inquiry to the president would get a response within hours. Embarrassing.


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    In a nutshell the process of deleting the Quicken Cloud dataset is:
    1. Create a new Quicken Desktop data file that has Sync to Mobile/Web on.
    2. In that data file go to Edit -> Preferences -> Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts -> Cloud accounts associated with this Quicken ID (x).
    3. From the dialog that comes up you can delete the Quicken Cloud dataset of the original Quicken Desktop data file.
    I personally wouldn't read into the fact that Quicken Support doesn't suggest a given workaround as it being "unsanctioned", more likely just that they don't know about everything that is possible.

    Certainly deleting Quicken Cloud datasets without understanding the ramifications can cause all kinds of problems, so it isn't the kind of thing that you want to spread around for willy nilly use.  But in the right situation it can be a life saver.  Note that the Quicken Cloud dataset stores information like the Quicken Bill Manager, credit scores, and scores and such in it.

    I should mention that you can also avoid Quicken Restore's "sync" to the Quicken Cloud dataset by simply renaming the *.QDF-backup file to *.QDF and opening that.  The internal data isn't any different.  The different file type just tells Quicken to use the restore process instead of opening it in place.
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