How to move a CREDIT account from the DEBIT-cards section to the CREDIT-cards section

GeoffreyETD Member
I don't know how it happened to get into the Debit section, but I have one such account that needs to be moved down to the CC section. Then I will at last have MY CC account sitting next to my wife's account, both where they should be.

Dearly hoping someone knows how to fix this! - thanks.


  • @geoffreyetd - For your CC, go to Account Intent on the Display Options tab in Account Details and change it to "Credit".
  • Thanks, Damian, but my Account Details >> Display Options >> Account Intent has 2 sub-drop-downs, neither of which provides an option to select CREDIT.
  • NotACPA
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    @GeoffreyETD On the General tab of that Account Details dialog, what is shown as the "Account Type"?
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  • NotACPA - sorry for not seeing your Aug 12 question: the answer (on the Account Detail s screen) is "Checking" and there's no provision to change it. I'm thinking I might G have to store the transactions somewhere, delete the account, then recreate a genuine Credit account and restore its transacs. What do you think?
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