My Fidelity 401k cash balance double the total account value after update

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I use "Simple - Position" only option for my Fidelity 401k account. Every time I do an online update, the account doubles in value because the Cash value is the same as the total position. I have to manually zero this out after update every time and then close and re-open my Quicken.

This only happens to my Fidelity accounts. I have other accounts that's also "Simple - Position only" and they are fine.

I think this is similar to this thread:

I am using Quicken Windows Deluxe subscription with the latest update.
R42.21, Build


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    There are several threads reporting this issue with Fidelity NetBenefits 401(k) accounts. See this one for example

    but I have not seen an acknowledgement from Quicken.

    I suggest you and anyone else with this problem report this issue using the Help > Report a Problem link and also contact Quicken Support directly. Be sure the support agent understands the problem and gives you a ticket number for future reference.

    In the meantime, Complete mode appears to work correctly.
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