Investment allocations not showing international bonds

Stephen Behling
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I have some investments in my portfolio mix in mutual funds that have a large percentage of assets in international bonds. However, Quicken for Mac is only showing domestic bonds. For example, if you want to try it yourself, enter an investment in the mutual fund PFUIX (PIMCO International Bond Fund). Open Windows ->Securities and check "Use downloaded asset class information for this security." Then click "View Asset Mixture...". While International Bond is listed in the Asset Class list, it has a 0 percentage for International Bond, but a large percentage for Domestic Bond. In fact, I haven't see any non-zero International Bond percentage in any mutual fund that I have perused.


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    For what it is worth, with Quicken Windows there isn't any default "International Bonds" asset class.  Which probably reflects what their service provider has.

    When I put in PFUIX as a security in Quicken Windows I get this mix:

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