Chase accounts updated - unable to link to existing mortgage

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I updated my Chase accounts as instructed, but Quicken would not link my Chase mortgage to my existing Quicken mortgage account. The only options were add new account or do not add new account. I added a new account. How do I import my old account transactions into the new account?


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    That is an interesting question about the mortgage account downloading.  The method that they used with Express Web Connect was always "non standard", and as such I'm not sure if it was supposed to change over to the new Express Web Connect + at all.  Or if in the process of this change over it is now not an option because Express Web Connect + most likely doesn't support what they were doing for this download.
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    Hi @taxlitigator

    From the information that I have seen, the new Chase connection method (Express Web Connect+) does support downloading of Chase mortgage accounts.  The fact that you were presented with an option to add a new account, indicates that you will be able to download mortgage transactions going forward.

    I have not seen any other posts about this matter, but since this process is only a couple of days old, I would suggest that you contact Quicken Support for assistance.  Here's the LINK to do that.

    However if you choose to not do that, you could certainly select the "add a new account for the mortgage account and then "cut and paste' the historical data on this mortgage from your old existing Chase mortgage account into the newly created (and connected) mortgage account.  And then delete the old one.

    Let me know of you have any followups.


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    Addressing the original question about "linking the account".  The more I think of this, that isn't possible.

    They hide the transactions in a downloaded transaction account for a reason.  And that reason is that they have no way sync/reconcile what the financial institution sends and what might be in the account.  They just "believe whatever the financial institution sends".

    What this means is that the moment you deactivate one of these accounts they can never be reactivated.  The only options are go to a manual entry mode or start a new account.
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    I couldn't link to my existing account either. I added a new account and downloaded and deleted all the prior entries (this was a credit card). So, I have no duplicate entries. The old Chase account is now inactive for new data but the old transactions are there for proper reporting.
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