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I have traditional IRA accts and investment accounts.  Both of the IRA accts have been designated as Tax Deferred and the investment accts are Taxable.  These accounts have some of the same securities i.e.  MSFT, AAPL, & O (Realty Income Corp.) just to name a few.
I use the same security for any of the transactions.
Fast forward in creating an Itemized Categories Report for year to date.  The _DivInc &_DivIncTaxFree has transactions from both kinds of accounts.  When clicking the transaction in order to edit, & allocate the proceeds to the proper category the "Enter Transaction box appears with Div., Int., Short term cap gain, Med term cap gain, Long term cap gain & Miscellaneous".  Nowhere is there a box for the appropriate income.  Same can be said for _IntInc & _IntIncTaxFree.  
I would appreciate any kind of help in this area.


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    There are two settings at play here: the Tax Deferred account setting and the Tax Free setting for securities.

    The Tax Deferred setting is for accounts like IRAs and 401(k)s. Interest and dividends in these accounts are recorded as _IntInc and _DivInc but by default the accounts are excluded from Quicken's Tax reports. Securities in these accounts do not need to be marked Tax Free to exclude them from the Tax reports.

    The Tax Free security setting is for tax exempt bonds and Muni bond funds. You use the normal dialogs to record these securities' income, but Quicken automatically assigns them to the _DivincTaxFree and _IntIncTaxFree Categories.

    The best place to see the tax consequences of your investment income is the Tax reports. The Itemized Categories report will show all your investment income regardless of its tax status. If you don't want to see the income from securities in your tax deferred accounts, you can customize the report to exclude those accounts.
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