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Its exhausting to even explain anymore but when are you going to fix buying and selling options (in my case at the moment PUTS) correctly? you mess up the average cost and you do not follow the basic FIFO/LIFO designation and you do not allow for adjusting your mistakes in allocating lots manually properly. I mean really? when will all this be thoroughly addressed and fixed properly?


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    @Hex When you write "you", I assume you are referring to Quicken? The problem is that you're not really talking to Quicken here. This forum consists of mostly fellow Quicken users asking and answering questions, and a handful of Quicken moderators who maintain the site and also try to answer questions. But you aren't talking to the development team or executives.

    The only limited form of feedback available here are the Idea posts in the Product Ideas section of the forum; Idea requests which garner a significant number of votes are then passed on to the developers. 

    If there are specific things which don't work correctly, they can be submitted as bugs through the Report a Problem screen in the Quicken application. You mention "you mess up the average cost and you do not follow the basic FIFO/LIFO designation", but I'm not sure exactly what you're referring to — so it might be worth creating separate threads to discuss each of the issues. It's possible fellow users might have a workable solution to some issues, but if others agree something seems like a bug, then using Report a Problem has the potential to prompt action by Quicken. But you cannot use Report a Problem to describe a missing feature or desired functionality.

    If you're not happy with my response, don't shoot the messenger. ;)  I'm just describing the way things work. 
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    I appreciate your thorough response and I’ll consider what you shared. just FYI I have spoken to support directly on this many times that’s the unfortunate thing. Thanks again
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