USAA autoreconcile online balance has pending but register does not.

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I cannot do auto reconcile anymore with my USAA accounts. The online balance shown includes pending transactions but the new transactions in my Quicken register is not including the pending transaction. This means my Quicken balance never matches my online balance. This used to work fine.


  • jacobs
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    So from what you describe, USAA made a change to include pending transasciotns in the balance they send to Quicken. Quicken can't subtract them from the balance because it doesn't get the pending transactions. So you'd need to complain to USAA support that they have messed this up, and should be sending Quicken only the balance of posted transactions.

    In the meantime, you can switch to reconciling to a statement balance instead of the automatic online balance. You can either wait until the end of each billing cycle to reconcile to the actual balance on your statement (which is what I do with my credit cards) or you can log onto USAA, determine the correct balance for your posted transactions, and enter that in the Quicken reconcile screen. 
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