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Jerry Pederson
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I have 2 checking accts at Wells Fargo.  One acct the "direct connect" works fine. The other one I can not get set it up for direct connect.  I used the same procedure for setting "direct connect" on both accts.  One works and is now set up with "direct connect" and the other does not.

perplexed and I need help.  Has anyone experienced this?  Does anyone know how I can get both accts on "direct connect"?

I do not have this problem with Chase where I have three checking accts connected via "direct connect"


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    you might mention exactly which of the several "Wells Fargo" Quicken entries you are using -
    here is one.... and not much difference between Direct and EWC - except for "bill payments" - do you use that feature ?
    03000    03000    03000    Wells Fargo Bank    http://www.wellsfargo.com/    1-800-956-4442 https://connect.secure.wellsfargo.com/auth/login/present    ACTIVE

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  • Jerry Pederson
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    For the accounts, I am using exactly the same procedure for both, including the same website provided by Quicken and the same Quicken setup procedure.  As I said one account I have is set up for "direct connect" and therefore Quicken's "bank bill pay". The other acct Quicken will not allow me to set it up with the "direct connect" routine; which is the same routine I used for the first account.

    My setup procedure is exactly the same for both accounts.

    Any more ideas?
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    again -which exact bank name used in the Quicken Account for both -

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  • Jerry Pederson
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    I do not know what you mean - "which exact bank name is used in the Quicken Account for both -"  Can you please clarify?

    Account names in Quicken:
    • ---Wells Fargo - JEP
    • ---Wells Fargo - JMP
    The JMP account works with "direct connect"
    The JEP account does not allow a "direct connect" setup.

    Interesting, I am able to set up the JEP account using "Express Web Connect", but EWC does not have the Bank Bill Pay feature that comes with "direct connect" and I want the Bank Bill Pay feature.

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    @Jerry Pederson  You should be able to set up both accounts with DC.  If one of the accounts has never been set up for DC in the past, then there is a special one-time setup for that account.  You can initiate this one-time process (FMSSETUP) by clicking on this link - 


    To enter the code, you will need to click on "Code" to enable your code to be entered.

    If you have any issues, I recommend that you contact Wells Fargo Online Banking Customer Service.  They are available 24/7. 
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    Jerry Pederson said: I do not know what you mean -
    sorry.... was trying to make sure the bank names used were the same,
    but @Damian may have touched on the answer.
    Anyway - if you look at .... Tools --> Account List -
    on the far right is the column for "financial institution"
    which has the exact name selected from the Quicken Add Account internal list -
    and was just trying to make sure they were both the exact text of "Wells Fargo"

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  • Jerry Pederson
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    Thanks Damian.

    I used that procedure for both acts., but DC method did not become boot up.  I personally think it is a QUICKEN problem, but I will still contact Wells Fargo.
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    @Jerry Pederson - You said that you use the exact same procedure but you did not provide details of what procedure you used.  So I'm kind of shooting in the dark here but here goes:
    Before proceeding further:
    • Back up your data file.
    • In the account register for the account you want set up for DC, write down the $ amount of the Opening Balance transaction.
    Is the account now set up for EWC? If so:
    1. In the Online Services tab of Account Details, there should be a link stating that an improved connection is available.  Click on that link.
    2. It should take you through the process of setting up DC.   NOTE:  If you see the Advanced Options link during this process, be sure to click on it and select the Direct Connect option.  If you do not, it will likely default to EWC.
    If that doesn't work or if the account is already set up in Quicken as a manual account:
    1. Skip this step if the account is set up manually:  On the Online Services tab of Account Details, click on Deactivate.
    2. On the General tab of Account Details, remove all Financial Institution information in the upper right quadrant...everything shown in the red box in this picture above the Contact Name field.  (The account must first be Deactivated before you can do this step.)  
    3. Go back to the Online Services tab and click on Set Up Now or go to Add Account.  During the process, make sure you click on the Advanced Options link and select Direct Connect.
    4. During this process, Quicken might prompt you to decide what to do with the downloads that occur.  Be sure to select "Do not add" for the download for the DC account you already have set up.  And be sure to select "Link" and the Account Name for the account in Quicken you want to get set up for DC.
    5. Check the Opening Balance transaction in the account register.  If the $ amount is different from what you had written down earlier, change it to match what you wrote down earlier.
    6. Scroll through the account register to see if there is a 2nd, more recently dated, Opening Balance transaction.  If you see one, delete it.
    7. This set up process might have entered transactions into the account register that are duplicates of what was previously entered.  Duplicate transactions will need to be manually deleted.
    8. At this point your account should be in balance and matches the online account balance.
    If the account is not set up in Quicken at all:
    • Add Account > Wells Fargo > if you see the Advanced Options tab, click on it > select Direct Connect > follow the prompts.
    Did any of this resolve the issue for you?

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  • Jerry Pederson
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    Thanks for the help.  To answer your question I used the direct connect method for each account.  One is set up with direct connect and the other Quicken would not let me set it up as a DC account. 

    I set up the second account as an EWC account in the interim, but I want it to be a DC account.
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