Include balance forward & adjustments check box does not appear to work on transactions report

Tom Auer
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I have created a report which I title "Forced Savings Rolling 12" which tells me the amounts I've transferred to my retirement account or my mortgage for the last twelve complete months. It's a very useful report in conjunction with an income and expenses report, as it tells me whether I'm saving enough money to cover transfers to my 401(k) and mortgage without running up credit card balances. 

I have complicated this by buying a new car and taking out an auto loan to do so. Although I have the opening balance for the loan categorized as "Adjustment," I cannot exclude the opening balance from the total, even though I have cleared the check box for "Include balance forward & adjustments." This is an unfortunate bug in a useful report.


  • jacobs
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    Can you simply change the opening balance adjustment to a date prior to the 12 month time frame of your report?
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  • Tom Auer
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    I could do that, but that's a bit of an ugly workaround.
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