TAGS are being lost -- this is a HUGE problem (Canada version)

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I've had my TAGs disappear a few times and most recently a substantial number of them (80+ %) have disappeared. How could this problem go unnoticed during your release testing ? How do I get all my historical tags restored ?


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    The main discussion of this issue is here

    The loss of Tags has reportedly been fixed in QWin R42.21 and newer releases. The newer versions fix this problem going forward, but they do not repair the damage caused by R42.9 or R42.19. However Quicken is continuing to research this issue and if you have lost Tags after updating to R42.21, please use the Report a Problem link to send the details to Quicken Support.

    If you have been entering new transactions into a file with deleted Tags, you must restore a backup from before the damage occurred and re-create them in an undamaged file. I suggest that before restoring the backup, you print a report that shows all the transactions you have entered since the problem occurred, to facilitate re-entering them.

    To do this, you should 

    1. update to R42.21 or newer if you have not already. 

    2. Print a report that shows all the transactions you have entered since the problem occurred. To do this, 

      1. go to Reports > Banking transactions. Set the Date range to Custom and set the starting date to 7/1/2022. Choose Subtotal by Account. 

      2. Click the Customize gear at the top right of the report and check the Show splits box. 

      3. Under Show Columns, you can un-check the Tax item box to make the report narrower. 

      4. Click OK to display the report. Adjust the column widths if necessary, then print the report.

    3. Back up your current data file in case you want to return to it 

    4. Restore a backup from before you installed R42.9. This would be early in July. To find a backup from before the Tags were deleted, look in the BACKUP folder inside the same folder where your Quicken data file is stored. Normally this folder would be Documents\Quicken\BACKUP. There should be a file with a name like <your data file name>-R-41.19-<date you upgraded to R42.XX>.QDF-backup

    5. Verify that the problem is no longer present in the restored backup.If the problem is still present in the restored backup, you have a different problem. You should return to your newer file and investigate further.

    6. If the problem is not present in the restored backup, you will keep the restored backup and re-enter any transactions you entered since then. 

      1. Accept Reminders as you normally would. Be careful when accepting Bill Pay reminders to avoid double payments. 

      2. Go to Edit > Preferences > Mobile & Web and Reset your Cloud Data

      3. Log out of the mobile app and back in again.

    7. After completing these steps, you should be able to download transactions and accept them as you normally would. Compare the transactions in your registers to those in the report you printed earlier and enter or update anything that is missing.

    8. You can download missing security prices from the Investing > Portfolio page. Click on Update then Historical prices. If you choose Month, you will get daily prices for the past 30 days. For one to 12 months ago, you will get Friday prices, and before that you will get month-end prices.

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    Thanks for your reply. I saw it a little late (I applied the update) and I'm also on the Canadian version. While further assessing the damage I also noticed another (albeit less serious problem for me). In my account registers where I have split the transaction to one or more Categories I now have the split format being copied in to the Tag column. In effect the 'split' information is being report in both the Category field and the Tag field.
    I have been using Quicken for probably 20 years usually just employing the basic capabilities of transaction download, categorizing transactions, the budgeting feature etc. It a pretty basic offering (that likely addresses the needs of most of your users) and I am very surprised at the number of problems that I've accidently encountered and the rather rudimentary processes that must be used inside quicken for fix identification, fix development, testing and deployment. Quicken should invest in some senior talent to get these kind of problems addressed quickly and thoroughly. If you offshored this work you need a very regimented release and fix delivery protocol. Anything less than that will exasperate the situation. ( I worked at IBM for 40 + Years )
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