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I just started using "Bank Bill Pay" at Wells Fargo.  My question is, the bill pay is shown in my Quicken account register with an automatic check number, the payee, the amount, and the date payment is to be made (in this case a week into the future)  However, the transaction does not appear as a pending payment with Wells in my account on Wells' website?

At B of A and Chase "Bill Pay" payments do show up in my accounts on their websites when initiated via Quicken "Bank Bill Pay"

Any thoughts and comments will be appreciated.



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    I have the same issue with WF and with PNC Bank.  When I was doing Bank Bill Pay with Compass Bank and BBVA I got very used to having the scheduled payments show up in my online account immediately after they were scheduled so it was very discomforting to not see the scheduled payments show up in my WF and PNC online accounts.  But I have found that both banks reliably process the checks/payments as scheduled and once the payments post in their system they will then show up in the online account.
    There should be a lightening bolt to the right of the check number in the transaction.  Click on that lightening bolt and you will see other data confirming that WF has received and scheduled the bill pay command.
    What you might want to do for some peace of mind is send a small payment to yourself.  It will be sent out as a check in the mail in a week or less.  After you receive it deposit the check to your checking account.  Then the check should appear in your online account.  I did that initially with both WF and PNC and it helped me gain some confidence in the Bank Bill Pay process.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R52.33 on Windows 11)

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    Thanks for the help.  To answer your question I used the direct connect method for each account.  One is set up with direct connect and the other Quicken would not let me set it up as a DC account. 

    I set up the second account as an EWC account in the interim, but I want it to be a DC account.
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