Quicken Connect is incrementing clear dates (Q Mac)

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It's 9:39am Pacific time. I can't connect with Call or Chat. I've complained to Quicken several times with feedback, over several months (since March?). No fix.

If I use Quicken Connect, it increments by one day from the date the bank says the item cleared/posted (same thing). I do manually enter some items. Transactions that occur on the last day of the month will increment to the first day of the following month. This is a problem with reconciling. Changing the date doesn't add it to my reconciliation window. I have to delete the item, add it back in with the correct date. Then I have to close Quicken, then reopen it to see if the transaction shows up in my reconciliation window. This is upsetting and makes extra work for me! Help??


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    First, I'm curious why you can't connect with Quicken Support. In your brewer, make sure you have enabled pop-up windows. (If you use Safari, it's "Settings for this Website" on the Safari menu, where you must set Pop-Up Windows to "Allow".)

    The date problem you describe sounds like it's an issue with the way your bank dates its transactions. Click on one of the transactions, and select View > Show Inspector. In the pop-up box, look at the "Date Posted" in the bottom section under the "From your financial institution" heading. It sounds like a transaction you have dated on the last day of the month is showing a posted date on the first date of the next month. If so, that's what your bank is doing and sending to Quicken, so it's not something Quicken is doing wrong or can correct. 

    In terms of reconciliation, Quicken will always use the posted date for transactions, creating the problem you describe. But fortunately, there's a simple solution. When you start your reconciliation, instead of entering the ending date as the last day of the month, enter the first day of the next month. This allows the reconcile screen to sweep in any transactions which post a day after the end of the month. If adding the extra day also brings in any transactions from the fist day of the month, just make sure they're unchecked so they aren't included in the reconciliation total and aren't marked reconciled. Now your Quicken and bank balance should match and you can complete the reconciliation. 

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