Direct Download QFX causes duplicates from One Step Update

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I'm running into problems with One Step Update and trying to solve it by using the QFX download.
However this is resulting duplicates in the register.
The duplicates are not being found with Match - even though exact date and amount.
I'm working through each transaction
What is it I'm supposed to do, I need to delete one. The downloaded QFX one or the one already in the register via " One Step Update "
Ideally I'd like to see that match works and that I can use either method reliably.


  • Chris_QPW
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    Quicken mostly goes by the Downloaded ID to determine if a transaction is new or not.

    When the Downloaded ID comes from one source it is more likely that it will be consistent from one connection type to another.  For instance if the account is setup with Direct Connect and you download a QFX file your financial institution is generating Downloaded IDs in both cases and hopefully keeps them the same.

    When Quicken Connect gets into the picture it there is a possibility the Intuit (Quicken Inc's aggregator) is creating the Downloaded IDs and as such they will not be the same as the ones that the financial institution is generating for the QFX file.

    I you turn on the Downloaded ID column you should be able to see if this is cause of the problem.
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