Trying to setup a new budget. Not all established categories show up as candidates for buget. Why? T

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The categories as listed in spending reports, but not list in Category List under Tools.


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    At the bottom left of Category List is a box for "Show hidden categories".  If that is not checked, check it.
    Then you can scroll through the list to see which categories are hidden by looking at the boxes in the "Hide" column.  Uncheck any categories that you do not want hidden and check any you want hidden.  Once you uncheck the hidden categories they should show up in the budget.
    Then in the Budget view click on "Manage Budget Categories".  In the popup check the box for "Show hidden categories".  Then make take a look at the categories that are listed and check the boxes for those that you want included in your budget and uncheck any categories you want excluded from the budget..  Be sure to look at each category group shown on the side so you do not leave out categories that you want to include in the budget and do not include those categories that you want to exclude from the budget.  Then click "OK".
    BTW, the reason why the hidden categories show up in reports is because by default hidden categories are included in reports.

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