why can't I remove or at least hide old transfer categories?

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Some of my transfer categories have been closed for over 20 years, why can't I remove them


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    If you can rename them put a Z at the beginning of the name so they sort to the bottom of the pop up list.  

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    For as long as the account register itself exists in your Quicken data file, the transfer category, e.g., [Old account name], will continue to exist.
    I assume you have marked these old accounts as "closed" in Quicken.
    In addition, all of my old accounts have been renamed to have a "~" (tilde) character at the front: "~XYZ Checking (old)". You might want to do the same. That helps move these accounts to the bottom of any selection lists, give them an eyecatcher and makes it less likely for them to be selected by mistake.
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    @suzierog - you should be able to hide any transfer category by going into the Display Options tab in Account Details for the transfer account and check marking "Hide in transaction entry lists".

    Closing the account also forces this option to be checked.

    You don't mention what version you are on, but it could be that older versions of Quicken might not have this functionality or it may not work the same.
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    @Damian no you can't.

    Transfers live in "no man's land".  They are neither categories or accounts, but they are often displayed in the category fields.  And as such you can't control if they will be displayed in that field list or not.

    The Account display setting you pointed out is for hiding accounts in account lists, not transfers.

    In the category list the hide is disable for the transfers:

    This would be the most logical place to have allow for this setting which would affect this category field/list in the register:

    All of the above accounts have the "Hide in transaction lists" and "Hide account name in account bar and account list" set.
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    Oops I forgot how crazy Quicken works.

    In an old data file the "Hide in transactions lists" doesn't hide the transfers in the category field's list.
    In a new data file the "Hide in transactions lists" does hide the transfers in the category field's list.

    Not though in a new data file selecting "Show hidden categories" will not get the transfers to show.

    So, at a minimum there is a bug with Quicken when the data file is older.
    But the implementation even in a new data file is stupid.
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    @chris_qpw - my closed account transfer categories never show anywhere in the category list.  The only transfer categories I have showing in the list are for active open accounts.  I have over 100 closed accounts and none of them show up anywhere in the category list, in any view.

    The last checkbox "Hide name in account bar and account list" is the one that hides the account in the account bar and account lists.  I have that one usually checked as well.  
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    @chris_qpw - I have transaction data going back to 1994.  I converted to Quicken from MS Money in 2010.  In 2017, I recreated my Quicken data file using QIF export files.  This is probably why I don't have the same errors and issues as the other long-term Quicken users.
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    If you close an account they disappear from the category list but otherwise an unused account is always listed. The hide check box is greyed out on the category list. It's a pain scrolling through accounts to get to your active one. You should be able to hide the ones you don't use but don't want to delete. As noted, the workaround is to rename the old accounts to "zchecking" so they go to the bottom of the category list. This must be a common problem especially for users like me that go back to the original Quicken versions in the early 1990.
  • I have the same prob--I have old credit card accts that I no longer use, and they persist in the transfer window. We should be ale to hide them there, too. Tedious slogging through these old accounts to get to the active ones.
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