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Today I updated my Quicken with the new Chase connection type; "what a screwup", it did not let me link my current accounts so it added additional accounts to my Quicken and downloaded transactions in the incorrect place. Thank God I had a back up. Where is the quality control on these changes?


  • Chris_QPW
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    Did you deactivate all the Chase accounts you are changing to the new connection method?
    Quicken will not list accounts in the "link to list" if they are already connected to an online account.
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  • CVass
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    Wouldn't connect to existing account so removed old connection, now when I try to re-connect quicken goes gray and unresponsive like when it opens a new window, but no new window appears. suppose I could try to restore, but ugh.
  • CVass
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    trying to re-establish connection via the Setup account just freezes the application. Task manager says 5 quicken processes are running but whatever window should pop up to do the setup does not appear.
  • CVass
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    This Works!!!!
    deactivate existing connections to chase. W/ account deactivated -Go to Tools> Add account> Chase - signed in and then it linked to my existing account.
  • DaJoos
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    I wanted to thank CVass and Chris_QPW for their help with this issue that I encountered as well - I didn't want to have to keep two separate accounts for my credit card history. I thought I'd expand a bit on the solution CVass provided:
    1) Deactivate the online update capability for both the pre-existing and new credit card accounts
    2) Accept all the transactions for the new account you were 'forced' to set up. For me the transactions already existed in the old, correct account. Be careful as it sometimes wanted to set up transfers between the two accounts.
    3) As CVass mentioned go to Tools / Add Account / 'Chase' / accept the transfer to Chase to sign in.
    4) For me it showed the credit card as already associated, with no way to un-associate. Ignore this and select 'Connect my accounts'. You should get a Success message
    5) Return to Quicken, which should now allow you to associate the credit card with the pre-existing, correct account.
    6) I ran another One-Step Update, and all seemed to connect correctly. I did find, however, that for some of the accounts the ending balance was wrong, and I was unable to find out exactly why (one had a bad Opening Balance). I created/adjusted the Opening Balances to get the correct current credit card balance.
    7) I'll wait a couple days to make sure all continues OK before I delete the errant, new credit card accounts.
  • LarryLawrence
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    I was able to link the accounts, but not sure why it downloaded the last 85 days worth of transactions when they were already in the register and cleared. All of the new trans were catagorized as 'New'. I deleted the new transactions and seemingly all is well.
  • mmpunch
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    Those extra transactions it downloaded is exactly why I did not complete the ReAuthorization of my Chase accounts today. They (Quicken and Chase) still need to improve this Reauthorization process, by allowing the Reauthorized Accounts to be "linked" to existing accounts within the current Quicken File. The "Existing" accounts are not currently shown within the Link to Existing Accounts pull down menu.
  • My old Direct Connect method quit working. Now it says to use the new connection method whatever it is. In quicken, when I go to the download area, it wants to "setup online". This opens up the "Activate One Step Update" window. when I click on the Sign In button, it takes me to Chase where I authorize the accounts. Then it redirects me back to Quicken which opens the window Activate one step update. Have done this ten times and it just goes around and around and around, but never finishes in Quicken. The Chase side appears complete, as it always indicates the accounts that have already been authorized.
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