Error in "Add Loan Terms" (Q Mac)

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I have a new loan that I am adding and I am attempting to "add loan terms."

When entering the "Original Balance," error "Field(s) in red have invalid or missing value" is returned. The value examples is am setting is 0,000.00 (the format is the same as Current Balance that was download) - 0000.00.

The only values that are allowed is a numeric, comma, period.

What is this expected in this field?

Load Type: Loan

Version 6.8.3 (Build 608.44884.100)
macOS 12.5


  • Jon
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    edited August 2022
    The original balance is whatever amount you originally borrowed. It's just a number but it has to be equal to or greater than the current balance; it can't be zero.

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  • aubie
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    I completely understand was the original balance is. however, when entering any value > than zero the noted error is rendered.
  • jacobs
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    I must not be understanding what problem you're having. I just created a dummy loan:

    I entered a value in the Opening Balance field as you see above and had no problem or error. I'm wondering what you entered on the prior screen for the opening balance of the account. Could you attach screenshots of the opening balance screen and the loan details screen you're trying to enter?
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  • aubie
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    I have figured it out. Thanks
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