Forward Email to Quicken for Mac as Attachment?

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Hi. My business accounting software allows me to forward email receipts to them. Is this possible in Quicken for Mac? My accounting software creates a unique email address for me to forward my receipt. Thx.


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    No, there's no such feature. Attachments are pretty basic in Quicken Mac; you can attach them to a transaction, and that's about it. You'll have to email receipts to yourself, download them to your desktop, and attach them to transactions.

    I'll share that I don't store my documents as attachments in Quicken. They can greatly expand the size of the data file, and there' no way to mass export them should you ever need to. I find it preferable to have a folder, with subfolders by year, with attachments named with a date and company. It's easy to find what I need, and should anything ever happen to Quicken or my Quicken data file, my important documents are safely stored externally. Just a thought for you…
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