Why am I suddenly having monthly reconciliation inaccuracies?

I've used Quicken for years. I reconcile one account manually, and only this year (starting in February 2022) have I been encountering the following issue. The first time, my starting balance on my bank statement matched the prior ending balance on both the prior bank statement and in Quicken. However, at the end of reconciling (and I double, triple, quadruple checked all of the entry values), Quicken insisted that the account didn't balance, despite the fact that both Quicken and the bank statement agreed on the exact totals of deposits and withdrawals cleared. In other words, there were no extra or missing entries in Quicken compared to the bank statement, and all of the numerical values for all of the transactions were identical.

So, that month, for the first time, I used an adjustment entry to complete the reconciliation. I note here that the adjustment necessary (an extra withdrawal of $39.40) did not match any other entries in my Quicken ledger or on the bank statement (i.e. it wasn't that I had accidentally duplicated or omitted a transaction).

The following month, I had the same problem: although the Quicken and bank statements had no discrepancies, at the end, my Cleared entries didn't balance with my bank statement. So, I grudgingly had Quicken create a new adjustment. And, this time, it was for a deposit of $39.40 (the opposite from the month prior). Thus, once again, after two months, my account was balanced.

At this point, I thought this was just a one-time fluke issue. But in the third month, the same thing happened again, and the automatic adjustment that time was -$24.04. The following month, the same thing: an adjustment of -$6.87 was necessary. Then, the fifth month, the required adjustment was +$30.91 (which perfectly compensated for the combined adjustment the two months prior of -$30.91).

At this point, I'm not sure what to make of this pattern. Any thoughts? Every month, I have verified that my Quicken entries and bank statement have no duplicated or missing entries, and there are no mistakes in the amounts of those entries. The problem is continuing to date.

The only thing I can think of is the possibility that the dates I record transactions in Quicken aren't necessarily the same dates that those transactions clear in my account. Thus, my monthly bank statements should not perfectly align (by date) with my Quicken ledger in terms of the transactions at the start and the end of each statement period. However, this cannot explain the problem, because this would have always been an issue (for every user). I've used Quicken for years, and I have only been experiencing this problem this year (2022).

Any advice on how to solve this problem? Did Quicken earlier this year change something in the simple math it performs during reconciliation? I can't imagine that the simple mathematical rules of additional and subtraction rules changed in 2022. This really has me stumped.