I converted from old version of Quicken that had classes. Need to subtotal by tag in reports (Q Mac)

kanelidis Member
Is there way to subtotal tags like I used to subtotal classes in older version. I understand that in new version, classes were changed to tags.


  • jacobs
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    Yes and no. ;) You can do a report subtotaled by tags by selecting Reports > Transaction > Transactions by Tag. But you can't do a two-level sub-total, so if you want a transaction report subtotaled by category, with tags sub-totaled within each category, you can't do that.

    If you have a limited number of tags you use or want in a summary report, you can get two dimensions by selecting Reports > Crosstab > Category by Tag, which will give you a category summary report with each column showing a different tag. 
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  • kanelidis
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    There is no "transctions by tag" that I can find. I go to reports, then banking and then transaction, but there is no transaction by tag. There is a sort by tag but that does not do anything
  • kanelidis
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    I have quicken for windows
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