Income vs Personal Income in Budgets

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I'm running Quicken for windows, version R42.21, Build I've been a Quicken user for many years but have just recently gotten serious about using the Budgeting tools. I'm confused by the difference/purpose of Income vs Personal Income in a Budget. I don't see the need in my case and wonder if I shouldn't just move all the Personal Income categories into Income and be done with the distinction. I'm also wondering if there isn't a way to change the order that Personal Income, Income & Personal Expenses appear (vertically listed) in Budgets.


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    The budget works off of the category groups.  There are some that are built-in to Quicken like Personal Income, and then there are the ones you might create.  So, if there is an Income section that is because you have created a custom category of Income.

    As for the order, for the most part you can't change it with one exception.  It is Income category groups first and then Expense categories and if you have a category group with mixed income and expense categories, from what I can see it is sort of "indeterminate" of where it will land.  And they are in Alphabetic order in the in these "major categories".

    I strongly suggest that you don't have a category group that mixes income and expense categories, it cause problems for the budget.
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    Chris_QPW, thanks for the clarification. I think that answers my question.
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