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Quicken Home & Business does not support downloading transactions from brokerages and banks, so they must be entered manually. However, some of the investments in the holdings list do not appear in the dropdown field for name in the enter transactions dialogue, causing it to require entering an existing holding as new one.
How can I overcome this problem?


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    INCORRECT, Quicken Home & Business DOES SUPPORT downloading transactions from brokerages and banks.
    The download capability of all supported versions with active subscriptions are equal,  Quicken H&B is not different.
    I suggest that you contact Quicken Support to iron out your problems with downloading transactions.

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    Hi @Beluff,

    As @splasher correctly indicated above, your version of Quicken does support downloading of transactions.  However, I'll try and provide some additional information that may help your understanding. 

    If - as you say - some of the holdings don't appear in the security name dropdown list, that typically means either:
    1. that security isn't currently in your holdings (i.e. its potentially a new security you just purchased), or
    2. it isn't a "listed security" traded on the public markets (which could be your situation, as you are using QWIN - Canada). 
    If it is the latter - you will need to enter and track prices for those securities in Quicken.

    Hope this helps.


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